University convocation

Lariviere_poster_reducedToday is University Convocation. UO’s welcome to new students. I’ll be on the scene to make sure you, dear readers, get the full story!

3:16 the begining of my live blog was just lost. I tried to save it bit it didn’t work

3:17 we’re walking down 18th past the rec center

3:18 oh no we stopped there are hundreds of people in front of us and we’re stuck by the rec fields

3:20 Chris Moe is looking at me disapprovingly… Or it is just his sunglasses

3:23 Pat just showed up. He approved of my attempts

3:26 we’re still waiting. I’m trying to get some photos, but it is going slowly

3:30 OMG I am surrounded by sorrority girls clapping. I am scared

3:31 now it is the fraternities

3:32 I am terefied

3:32 passerby- “I feel like I’m going to be assaulted”

3:35 we are inside the stadium

3:42 I finally have a seat some wind instrument group is playing. They are ok.

3:43 these program feel more expensive than last time

3:44 some faculty are varying green and yellow banners

3:45 everyone just stood. No one knows why

3:46 we’re seated

3:46 James Bean is giving a welcome

3:47 said this years class is one of the strongest

3:47 OMG he just said Dave Frohnmayer

3:48 we have an envyable position

3:48 Bean is recognizing the people on the stage

3:49 it sounds like mostly vice presidents and deans

3:51 Emma Kallaway is on the stage!

3:52 she is quoting Abraham Lincoln

3:53 “I felt like I was drowning In a deep pool of honey”

3:53 learning outside the classroom?! No way!

3:55 “go out and find what you value above all else”

3:58 summary: challenge yourself and find your values. Thank your support system

3:59 president Richard Lariviere is on stage to recognize a high school teacher

4:00 Stephen Corket(?) is the teacher. Not here today

4:01 new tenured faculty presented by provost Bean

4:02 supposedly there is info about these profs on the big screen, but that screen is blocked from my vision

4:06 Richard Lariviere announce as a new professor of sanscrit

4:07 brief bio of Lariviere

4:07 8 languages!

4:09 Lariviere has an awesome hat. Much better than a normal grad hatphoto_lariviere_blog

4:09 Lariviere is giving his key note speech “42 to 3”

4:10 I’m with the people who will make thus “my time”

4:11 he had lunch with an amazing group of men and women. Teachers at the UO

4:12 Teacher is the best title

4:14 I think he enjoyed his lunch, he keeps returning to it

4:14 We’re luckier because we get to spend days and hours instead of just a lunch with these teachers

4:15 “discover your passion”

4:15 “pursue lifetime knowledge”

4:16 “your choice does not belong to your parents.” about what to study. Instead enthusiasm and passion

4:17 take classes outside your comfort zone

4:18 he is revealing a new apple tablet

4:20 summary to now: push yourself

4:20 oh shoot! He is speaking in Sanskrit

4:21 “this is somewhere where you can find something more amazing than beautiful grounds and buildings”

4:21 “thus is your time. Thus is your time. This is your time”

4:22 Karen Sprauge is presenting her concluding remarks

4:23 pledge song time!

4:24 we’re standing

4:24 OMB is on the stage

4:25 it is starting

4:26 no one here knows this song. Except for OMB

4:27 fight song!

4:28 everyone is getting ready to leave. Time for a picnic

Concluding remarks by your blogger:

Good showing by the president but I was hoping for a camera on the iPod touch. No halo anouncment yet.

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  1. Brittany
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    Lol good work give a play by play of convocation!