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Virus Glass Art

Artist Luke Jerram has fulfilled another one of my favorite things. He is turning science into art. I discovered his art reading Science Magazine. They had a feature including his version of Swine Flu. However, not only is it beautiful, it is also very accurate to the real science involved. A combination of accurate micrographs and scientist opinions […]

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Wind Turbines and the End of the World

Wind Turbines are becoming a more popular way to generate power. Their proponents claim that they produce almost zero waste, are completely silent, and allow the surrounding ground to be completely useable. However, there are a lot of things they leave out.

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Giant Squids, Now more Dangerous than Ever

Osaka, Japan Japanese scientists researching kelp in the waters of the Pacific Ocean survived an attack from a giant lazer squid, sustaining major damage to the crews deep sea science floaty-down machine from the squids ‘beak lazers’. If not for the quick maneuvering of Dr. Akiko Toyota, as well as the on board ‘white-out’ lazers, […]

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Flavors of Chile: Crudo

…crudo is probably healthier than damp paper towel on toast, but about as tasty…

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McDonalds Monopoly vs. Powerball vs. Nature

Well I don’t know about you all but when it is Monopoly season at McDonalds I get kind of excited. I always figured there could be a chance at winning some cash! Well I think I was mistaken… Game Payout Odds $/Odds Monopoly $1,000,000 1 in 542,034,000 0.00184490 Monopoly $50,000 1 in 640,586,000 0.00007805 Monopoly […]

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On the Music Industry, Piracy and Copyright

Cleverpork Central is often a comedy site, but there are things that we believe strongly about and will bring to the forefront of conversation. Anything filed under “Serious” is not a joke, even if it seems counter to everything else on this site. Recently I was reading an argument on Facebook between two people about […]

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Bubonic Plague – Our Real Threat

In the 1400s the black death swept through Europe leaving a wake of dead in its path. In modern days people think that it is gone. But that is far from the truth. A lot of people are claiming that the deaths are due to swine flu or such, but our Cleverpork Central scientists have determined that […]

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Georgian Man Sees Image of Pope in Toast

Atlanta, GA Not everyone gets a chance to order God with a side of bacon but early Saturday morning Georgian resident Tallard Bentz discovered a image of Pope Benedict XVI appear on a piece of toast. “I’m not even catholic”, said a bewildard Bentz “I mean, I’ve been to church- Methodist I think? I didn’t […]

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Livebloging the Flu!

This morning I wokeup at 8:30 feeling awful. I was achey, my mild cough had developed into a painful cough, and a had some slight chills. My temperature was mild when I first woke up, but by 10:30 it was becoming apparent that I was indeed sick. However, instead of think of this as a […]

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Google Wave has Arrived at Cleverpork Central

I need people to let me know if the below wave is visible to anyone. A larger test group is always good right? Well, turns out that it doesn’t actually work yet. I am working on getting it to work, but it’ll be a while.

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