Homo Kakapodians

The Kakapo, a critically endangered species of parrot with only 125 individuals left. This bird, the owl-parrot, is one of the few animals that can be described as “old-fashioned” and the people in the following video state that this is due to it’s “sideburns” and “old Victorian” face. However, what is truly impressive is it’s mate preference. Please click the link below and watch the attached video then read on for an explanation of the impressive nature of this bird.

Kakapo Mating Ritual

This can only be described as an endangered bird’s last ditch attempt to save it’s species. It recognizes that there are very few of them but tons of us. Therefore, it tries to mate with a human to try and gain those beneficial genes. It has been expected that the Kakapo has an advanced understanding of molecular genetics and evolution, but only now can it be demonstrated in full.

What scientists didn’t expect was the Kakapo’s more advanced understanding of human biology than humans have. As mr. Fry pointed out, mr. Carwardine is now carrying a human-kakapo hybrid. Scientists didn’t know that males could carry children, or that Kakapos could impregnate humans. But it has now been shown with this simple video in New Zealand.

Our scientists here at Cleverpork Central have been working non stop since we found out this news doing SCIENCE. What we have found out is that Kakapo may in fact be the single most advanced species on the planet, finally correcting the errors presented by Mr. D. Adams who stated that mice and dolphins were competing for that title. The loss of another species on this planet is very sad, but the loss such an advanced species is even worse. This is another reason to pay more attention to our planet. Bring conservation and sustainability to the forefront of our lives and work to save our world.

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    I like the part where a parrot is humping a british guy