What is a Browser?

I had no idea that there are tons of people in the world who don’t even know what a web browser is. However, in a “highly-scientific (read: not scientific at all) survey” of a Google employee’s friends people spent way more time on the internet but many less knew what browser they used. Here is the original blog.

Not stopping there, this employee made an actually really cool webpage, whatbrowser.org, that not only tells you what a browser is but tells you what browser you use, how to customize it and gives links to download new ones. While I’m sure that many of the readers here at Cleverpork Central will think that this is useless, this is another amazing idea that Google has pushed to fruition. Sure Chrome is prominent on the site, but the fact that they don’t use it to say “Download Chrome” but instead use it to talk about what browsers are and how to work with them, when people use browsers more than cars, is amazing. There are reasons I think Google is one of the greatest companies on this planet at this time.

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