Virus Glass Art

Artist Luke Jerram has fulfilled another one of my favorite things. He is turning science into art. I discovered his art reading Science Magazine. They had a feature including his version of Swine Flu. However, not only is it beautiful, it is also very accurate to the real science involved. A combination of accurate micrographs and scientist opinions has made this art some of the most scientific I have ever seen.


Those of you who may know me probably know I have a thing for scientific art. I have a necklace that is a representation of theobromine and multiple plush viruses. But very few people do the work to make accurate scientific art that is truly beautiful.

The mixture of swirling frosted glass inside representing RNA combined with a clear shell and outer protein creates a stunning example of science. The E. coli sculpture is one of my favorites. It has the wiggling cilli all over the outside with a giant double flagellum (very accurate) and a large circular DNA stand in the center all bundled up.

I would highly recommend you check out Luke’s site. There is a video of him making a small HIV. There is also a bunch of photos of all of the sculptures including this scale photo of one of the HIV sculptures that shows it is about 4 or 5 feet high. Most of them are a few inches high, but one version of HIV was commissioned to go on permanent display.

Once again, check out the site and support this wonderful form of art with me.

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