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xkcd Volume 0

Nearly a month ago I ordered xkcd Volume 0. This is a collection of AWESOME from one of my favorite webcomics ever, xkcd. To celebrate, the following is my unboxing and initial reactions

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Every time a bell rings…

…a vegetarian gets his wings… And by wings I mean this:

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How To: Give birth to an elephant

I think this is the biggest baby I have ever seen born. Kind of impressive how fast the learning curve is.

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What is a Browser?

I had no idea that there are tons of people in the world who don’t even know what a web browser is. However, in a “highly-scientific (read: not scientific at all) survey” of a Google employee’s friends people spent way more time on the internet but many less knew what browser they used. Here is the original […]

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Homo Kakapodians

The Kakapo, a critically endangered species of parrot with only 125 individuals left. This bird, the owl-parrot, is one of the few animals that can be described as “old-fashioned” and the people in the following video state that this is due to it’s “sideburns” and “old Victorian” face. However, what is truly impressive is it’s […]

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We here at Cleverpork Central love to honor truly amazing athletes. Like Charlie Beckers. But today I have discovered annother truly awesome feat of the human body in the form of the Dreamcatcher. This is not because if you hang it up above your bed it will stop all your nightmares and leave you only […]

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Mittens; March 2009-October 2009

Like actor Heath Ledger or actress musician Aaliyah, Mittens the cat died young and immensely talented. Those mourning Mittens death will not only miss the warmth and softness that Mittens gave to her family and friends every other day of her life, but Mittens is leaving the world as one of the most respected and […]

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Tased in the bu**hole?

Lesson one…you can’t trust the system. Lesson two…stay away from Elijah Wood and Ryan Reynolds. They have tasers. Lessons learned. Thank you Andy Samberg. I threw it on the ground!

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Always With Honor

Local Portland Oregon design collective Always with Honor’s limited run Barn Owl shirt. A really nice shirt for only $20 and a portion of the money goes to the Audubon Society. Really Like their stuff, the simple clean graphic style of everything. 2nd image is another personal favorite from their website, check them out.

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Domo 7-11 Invasion

Who doesn’t love this Japanese stop motion character. I will definitely be going to 7-11 to pick up my domo slurpee cup. Link Here

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