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Mammals 2.0

As you all probably know, I am a fan of SCIENCE. Little did I know that science was getting so advanced that we already have mammals 2.0 out. I thought it was still in beta, but it was recently released. Here is the link to view the scientific documentation.

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Ellen Questions Answered

Did you get $1,000? No – Mike Smith did for taking our picture. We got a sweet appearance on Ellen. Did it really only take Chris 4 throws? Yes – Right before she introduces the Clarisonic you can hear Ellen say to my brother “wow, that was really good, I haven’t seen it so fast, […]

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Ellen Day Two

After a 2:00 AM bed time last night, We had some of our blinds open and we’re up at 8:30 this morning. We’re a bit fatigued, but ready for the excitement of today! Our plan is to (hopefully get some coffee) go to Universal City Walk and hang out for a bit then we’ll be […]

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