Zombies Can’t Dance

Brith of the Zombies

Brith of the Zombies

It is Zombie Week here at Cleverpork Central. We let the dead rest for a week after Halloween, but now they’re back with a┬ávengeance. Keep your eyes open for more undead content through the week.

Clicking the link starts music playing. Please check it out, but be aware that you might want headphones if you’re in a public venue.

There are a few things that the writers here at Cleverpork Central love. One is zombies. One is dancing. One clever person combined the two producing Zombies Can’t Dance claiming to be a rock musical/opera about zombies. I am listening through it and it is awesome. The lyrics really pull the heart strings. Every song has an accompanying piece of artwork to go with it. The plot is after the break.

Basically The plot starts with nuclear war then zombies show up followed closely by robots being created to kill the zombies. A classic twist pops up where the robots realize that humans are all potential zombies, so they start killing humans. Then some of the greatest lines pop up like “all the cool kids are zombies” in the song “I want to be a Zombie”. Then “I tied you up so many nights ago, but this time it doesn’t feel quite right” about Angela who turned into a zombie.

Basically, this is one of the coolest bits of free music you can find on the interblags. So pick it up! Check out the link to listen and download this wonderful piece of work!


Update: it appears that the creator of this amazing work, Luke Kuzava is (or was, hard to tell) a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, right here where Cleverpork Central is based.

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