Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack

It is Zombie Week here at Cleverpork Central.¬†We let the dead rest for a week after Halloween, but now they’re back with a¬†vengeance. Keep your eyes open for more undead content through the week.

In an October study done by the Pittsburgh mayor, and only reported by a single news source, it was determined that the city fo Pittsburgh is not ready to fight the coming waves of the zombie horde. Truth is, all of their preparedness policies were made before current zombie research was made. The article states, “The city’s emergency safe houses, established by a city ordinance in the early ’70s, lack even the most basic fortifications for zombie invasion.” and that is just one example.

Many organizations and individuals are encouraging new efforts to prepare the city’s citizens for the impending invasion. Some people want “Destroy the Brain” posters to go up around town to fight the ideas that you can shoot zombies anywhere.

I agree with the panic that should be settling into Pittsburgh residents now. If the government is trained to shoot the torso rather than the head, then how are they going to protect us. A lot of work needs to be done to bring this country out of the dark ages of zombie preparedness and it is time to start right now. Lets not wait until it happens to prepare.

Pittsburgh is just one example. Most cities around the world likely aren’t prepared for a zombie invasion. Dear readers, it is time we took our stand and told our congress men and women that we want comprehensive zombie preparedness plans for all americans.

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