Zombie Week ’09 Comes To An End

Chris the Young Zombie

File image of Cleverpork Central founder Chris during a nasty bout of zombification

Zombie week on Cleverpork Central has Come to an end. We thank you all for your readership over these days. We hope that you all have enjoyed the experience as much as we have. Some of us might not have survived the ordeal (I haven’t heard from Pat in days) but we will do anything to keep you all entertained.

Keep your eyes open in the future for more themed weeks. While zombies are very commonly used these days to boost popularity, our researchers are continually exploring new possibilities in hype generation. ¬†Until then, however, it is time to put the theme scheme back into it’s storage bin.

Now we’re off to party like it’s the last party ever. Because it is, at least for most of us. Go hone your skills and live well!

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