Googling Fights Dementia

Saving the world since 1996

Saving the world since 1996

In a recent study, scientists have found that googling stuff on the internet actually encourages blood flow and a healthy brain. This is yet another reason why I love Google, it is making people healthier.

Before we had a search-based internet, everyone would put in a specific site that they wanted to access which provided them a service. When Google came around they emphasized finding information instead of providing a service and radically changed the internet. Now Google is a verb. It doesn’t matter what search engine you use, Google has likely affected how you perceive the internet. Beyond that, it has affected how I use all computers. I don’t worry about organizing applications because I just a key combo on my keyboard and search for the application.

This constant searching apparently has benefits beyond making information and services easier to find. Every time you think about finding something new, or just surf the internet, you are constantly making small decisions and problem solve for solutions. Deciding how to phrase a search to return the best results requires some thought.

the study showed that using Google to find information stimulated the same parts of the brain, and in a similar way, as solving a sudoku puzzle or starting a new hobby. The difference here is that you are constantly finding NEW information. Every new search is just that, brand new. Doing sudoku puzzles for an hour a day to me would seem much more draining and would get boring much faster than googling things for and hour a day.

Moral of the story is that those Bing commercials asking what searching has done to us are absurd. Searching isn’t a problem, it is a brain workout. By searching all the time we are keeping our brains healthy and fighting dementia.

Via National Geographic News

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