Illiterate Poet Wins Major Award

In an attempt to connect the users of cleverpork central with culture and art from around the world this writer gladly presents to you Carla Rosedale’s 2009 Carlo Betocchi Poetry Prize winning poem “Gladder Flub en Tonnino”. It is short, but the form and the meter at which Rosedale constructs her poetry really presents an ironic view of language, making it as though their is no meaning or form to the written word at all. That unique critique on the written word asks the reader to take a look at their own words, their own language, in a powerfully existential way and critically examine how they participate in language in their own life. Extremely controversial for her unique prose, critics of Rosedale’s work bring up that she is illiterate and her ‘creativity’ is because she is illiterate and not because she is some kind of poetry genius. I ask the reader to keep an open mind, and to try and see the genius of Rosedale’s work for what it is. Enjoy…

Gladder Flub en Tonnino


Carla Rosedale

Gladder flub en tonnion/rank c&ts neens flush. Jurr*gin womp senserino, embiggen/ turhing q1aknk flooben, m@kajd/ WAAAAAAAJDJD, foe%erdd, dhubb/ grrriup grruiup grrip akjdi ajjjd 9 joajd  iej $5 dlokend denddd kkohn rabbit.

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  1. Charlie Beckers
    Posted November 23, 2009 at 12:21 | Permalink

    I cried a little. Thank you Carla Rosedale