A quick warning about Phantosmia

norosesHas your sense of smell been off lately? Do you find yourself saying things like “I smell roses” when no roses are present? You may be suffering from a rare condition known as Phantosmia, a rare condition in which hallucinates smells. Phantosmia can be caused by head trauma or psychiatric illness, and is not to be confused with Pharosmia, a distortion of smells which are present. You can find out more information about Phantosmia here.


In all seriousness, if you do find yourself smelling things that aren’t there, consult a doctor. Congratulation’s to the Ducks in their win at the Civil war, even though I was rooting for OSU. It’s great to have an Oregon team going to the Rosebowl. The fact that both teams were contenders is a testament to the quality of the football programs in our state. Oh, and to any Duck fans whose sentiments after the game were along the lines of “Beavers Suck Ass” : I didn’t know that winning by four points entitled you to be dick.

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