Readers, while you are one of my top priorities, I also have other interests. One of those is birds. Recently I started toying with the idea of falconry as a way to keep some of the more amazing birds in the world, the hawks. It turns out that falconry is still a popular activity in the world and Oregon has a decent amount of people active in the field. I’ve looked more and more into it, and while it would cost me a lot of money, I have decided that 5 years after I get a steady job, I’m going to get my falconry license.

Why 5 years? Well, falconry requires patience and dedication. If I can stay excited about falconry for 5 years after I get  job, not only will I have built up some money to be able to do this, but I’ll have proven to mysel that I am ready to be patient and dedicated to my bird. But what is entailed after those 5 years?

I looked it up and I need to get a falconry license. The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Service has a page devoted to falconry. There are three licenses. Apprentice, general, and master. I would apply for an apprentice license, and then spend two years working with someone else until I could get my general license. While I have my apprentice I can only keep a Red-Tailed Hawk, but luckily, that is the animal I wanted anyway.

Costs are immense, but there is a person who lives in Gresham Oregon who happens to be the top Google result for Falconry Equipment (Link). Also, I am starting a Chris’s Falconry Fund. The total cost I need is around $2,000-$3,000 in the fund before I can go and work on getting the license and bird. If anyone wants to donate, talk to me and I’ll help you find out how.

While an apprentice, I need to have general or master falconer to guide me. I’ll talk with the Oregon Falconers Association, but if any readers out there happen to be falconers, get a hold of me. I would rather work with someone I know anyway.

In fact, the only thing I have yet to find a resource for, is how to get a bird.

To give you an idea how awesome I am going to be in the future, here are some videos.

This is going to be my view every day when I go and hang out with my bird:

And this is an example of hunting with hawks:

I am super excited and have learned a lot about hawks and falcons in the last couple of days. If you have any questions, shoot me and e-mail or leave a comment.

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