Eagle Creek Trail

The Cleverpork Central crew sets out

The Cleverpork Central crew sets out

Yesterday, December 14th, Derek, Charlie, Aaron, and I went on a hike on the Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia Gorge. Below you’ll find a collection of photos that we took. It was one of the more dangerous hikes that we have taken, from falling rocks to slippery ice. There are sections where the path is narrow and it is terrifying when it is the middle of summer. They have a cable to hold on to but at the narrowest part the ice went over the cable and was the slickest part of the narrow section. During the same portion of the trail rocks and ice would occasionally fall, hitting the trail with a loud sound. If any of them had hit us we might have been hurt, but none did thanks to expert timing.

All the danger was not without reward though. The frozen waterfalls were beautiful. I hadn’t seen frozen waterfalls before and the entire canyon is lined with smaller waterfalls, all frozen. Punchbowl falls, our end-point, was not frozen but the whole river was lined with Ice. At punchbowl, there was a solid sheet we could go out and stand on while ¬†we took pictures. We were mostly alone out there, though two groups did go past us on our way back, and being alone was wonderful. For a very frequently traveled trail, getting to travel it without passing anyone is always a nice experience.

Without further ado, here are a selection of quality pictures we took:

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