Our New Molluscan Overlords

Recently, in Indonesia, Australian scientists discovered an octopus using tools. Many people consider Humans to have become a dominant species on the plannet because the early humans developed tools. This can only mean one thing. Octopuses are going to take over the world.

This species of octopus was discovered on accident when the scientists were searching for a different species. However, this combined with the “lazer squids” discovered two months ago shows that the phylum Mollusca is truly turning into our greatest threat. As the video below shows, even our trash can’t stop them, it may even be aiding them. Without that, we lose our upper hand on nature.

What’s next? Sea slugs that suck the life out of giant sea algae? That exists too? We’re screwed as a human race. We always thought we would do it to ourselves with over consumption or nuclear war, but instead the mollusks will do it for us.

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