Missed Connections from History

It is always interesting to look back onto the past and see connections to our present time. Recently at the University of Cairo in Egypt a team of Anthropologists found a tablet in some foothills which allegedly carried a conversation between then Queen of Egypt Cleopatra and Cesar of the Roman Empire Julius. Though the researchers are not certain that the conversation on the tablet is between the famous couple, we hear at Cleverpork Central are to impatient and arrogant to be concerned with the opinions of what can only be a group of Indian Jones worshiping virgins that make up the Anthropology department at the University of Cairo. Grow a pair. Without foresight or real understanding of the nature of the research, enjoy the worlds first missed connection:

[Translated from Stick Figures on a┬áStone] Me, kindly older man walking through the desert at night in full Roman combat gear. You, stunning beauty sleeping on the foot of the Sphinx. I walked you back to your palace, had an invigorating conversation about sand. I’m an aggressive man who loves challenges and would love to get to know you better, maybe talk more about sand. Shall the Sphinx be the place, next week at midnight? Cheers, JC

[The Responce] KOM, I love that you found me beautiful. I’m found of people who find me fascinating and I would love to meet up and talk more about me and my interests-like sand! If things go well, who knows-maybe Ill will even let you invade my homelands if you know what I’m saying? See you at midnight. Kisses, Cleo

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