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Hitler responds to the iPad

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I’m Back!

My computer is now restored to it’s original greatness (thanks to the help of Mr. Pat Cunningham) and it is in fact much faster than it has been in the last…year  maybe? Anyway, installed a new hard drive today, restored

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Fried Computer

No, this is not a cooking article for a delicious robot treat (though that is a good idea…), this is an article about how my computer has gone from functioning to not over the weekend. Sunday something happened and I

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How To: Procrastinate When You Should Be Working On Your Thesis

I should be working on my thesis. Specifically, my Thesis Prospectus. However, instead I am taking this time to educate you all on a few tips that will help you to procrastinate when a time comes that you all have

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Why Does Discovery Ruin Good Shows

Sigourney Weaver wasn’t an awful narrator for Planet Earth. I, unlike some(who protested the show), watched every episode on the Discovery Channel. Then I got the BBC version as a gift and if I ever heard the Discovery version after that

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Kid Kills Raccoon, Trying to “Catch ‘em All”

On Saturday an 11 year old boy, A. Kachum, killed a raccoon with a red and white painted rock, later he claimed that he was trying to expand his collection and “Catch ‘em all.”

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Classes Start, Interupting Facebook Time

Throughout Eugene and many other college towns, loud collective groans emanated from various student housing situations as classes started, thus limiting the amount of time students can spend on Facebook. The change was expected according to the University of Oregon website,

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