Classes Start, Interupting Facebook Time

Throughout Eugene and many other college towns, loud collective groans emanated from various student housing situations as classes started, thus limiting the amount of time students can spend on Facebook.

The change was expected according to the University of Oregon website, claiming the start of a “Winter Term” but many students are outraged. “With Spanish, Business 102, Mass Media and Communication how am I going to be able to spend 80 hours a week on Facebook,” stated one University of Oregon freshman. Another student, Robby, stated “I actually had to log out and go to class this morning.” He sounded incredibly distraught.

While some students are still using Facebook, many are having a hard time balancing school, Facebook, and video games. One University student claimed, “This University thing would be awesome if I didn’t have class. I hang out with my friends via Facebook and rock Call of Duty with my friends. With these classes now I have to choose to devote my free time to either Facebook or video games.”

Not all students are concerned. One Junior confessed that he actually has more time because he brings his computer to class to “take notes” but really spends his time on facebook. “Normally I spend my free time hiking mountains or biking, but class restricts me to a chair for an extended period of time. It is a perfect place to catch up on the bomber trails my friends are hitting.”

University officials declined to comment on the situation, but chances are they would talk about how athletes had been low on Facebook time all break while preparing for the Rose Bowl. Now the athletes get some time to catch up on their friends while everyone else is studying for classes.

Many of these classes are taught by so-called professors one of which stated, “School is here to learn things, and a lot of that learning is done in classes. Other learning happens because people have to go to class. Either way, class is an important part of school. I understand these students complaints about their Facebook time, but they should really get over it.” This has received a lot of agreement from other professors and even some students, some of which have said, “I don’t even have a Facebook.”

These changes are not permanent and classes are expected to end in about 10 weeks. There is a rumor that another set of classes may resume shortly after, but the students will worry about that when it comes. Many students are patiently waiting for classes to end so that Facebook time will resume, and very few violent protests are expected to occur.

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