Why Does Discovery Ruin Good Shows

Sigourney Weaver wasn’t an awful narrator for Planet Earth. I, unlike some(who protested the show), watched every episode on the Discovery Channel. Then I got the BBC version as a gift and if I ever heard the Discovery version after that I needed to turn it off. David Attenborough is so much better at it.

At this time, Attenborough is pretty much the spokesman of macro biology. He is quite qualified to narrate a special on biology. In fact, BBC knows this and uses him to narrate their shows. He writes the narration then speaks it. Sure he humanizes animals more than necessary, but he has a good voice for narration and presents information in a way that people understand.

Discovery, for some reason, doesn’t get this. Instead, they try to feed the American desire for celebrities and give us Sigourney weaver, and now Oprah.

Yes, you read that right, the sequel to Planet Earth, Life, is being narrated on Discovery Channel by Oprah Whinfrey. No disrespect to Oprah, but what is the chance that she truly understands the words she is reading from that script? Why does Discovery think that we need a different narrator for this show exploring the diversity of life?

I got really excited about this new “sequel” to Planet Earth, but then I saw the words “narrated by Oprah” and decided that I need to buy the BBC version before I watch it. David Attenborough wrote the narration for the show, and I want to hear him say his words.

You can already Preorder the BBC version on DVD. Why wait for a sub-par version to come from Discovery Channel, when you can buy the original version now. That’s what I’m going to do, I’m not going to wait and watch the show just to hear an overused celebrity narrate it. Instead I’m going to watch it with someone who has been making nature films for 30 years.

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