How To: Procrastinate When You Should Be Working On Your Thesis

I should be working on my thesis. Specifically, my Thesis Prospectus. However, instead I am taking this time to educate you all on a few tips that will help you to procrastinate when a time comes that you all have a huge important paper that requires a lot of time, planning and effort.

1. Fill your evening with events

I have told people that I will attend events they are putting on. Planet Earth is playing at 7? I’ll be there! Complex Government? I’ll be there! because of this a significant portion of my night is booked with important engagements. This allows me to not feel guilty about wasting the little time between those events

2. Pick up a new hobby

I’ve never known how to use photoshop or illustrator, but I’ve been working on my skillz instead of writing a thesis. With this noble goal in mind, I can feel good about spending my time advancing my knowledge of a variety of topics. I am still awful with these programs, but that just means more time can be devoted to things.

3. Have friends who want to play video games with you

This one is harder unless you have friends willing. I am lucky enough to have just such friends. I am a firm believer that socialization is an important part of developing a well rounded person, so these video games with friends produce excellent opportunities.

4. Make a Blog

What better way to waste time then to write about wasting time? I say none. I’m here for that purpose and it seems to be working pretty well. I’ve now spent at least 20 minutes of potential thesis time on this post and that is quite an accomplishment I must say.

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  1. Kyle C.
    Posted February 3, 2010 at 23:35 | Permalink

    I often find myself doing numbers 1,2, & 4. Not 3 because I don’t have a console here and don’t care much for online games. Although solitaire could be a productive brain exercising escape from tonight’s work.