Fried Computer

No, this is not a cooking article for a delicious robot treat (though that is a good idea…), this is an article about how my computer has gone from functioning to not over the weekend.

Sunday something happened and I had to hard restart my computer (it was going hella slow) and it would not restart. Not knowing what to do, I called pat and we spent a while working with the computer (and by we I mean mainly he). We ended the night reformatting my drive and restoring from a January 4th backup.

Monday I got it working enough to get some homework done. But by the evening it had froze up again. I reformatted one more time, this time zeroing out all the data.  It froze up almost immediately upon startup.

Now, in the present, Pat has ordered me a new internal hard drive to see if that does the trick. If not, then I guess I’ll reformat and start from a clean install of OS X (after pulling off selected files that I want and possibly going through and making sure I have all my passwords.

what does this mean for you readers? Sadly, I expect low article rates to continue (in conjunciton with thesis and grad school application work) for the foreseeable future. However, I hope my compatriots will continue to strive to entertain you all!

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