Cleverpork Olympic Coverage: First Medals of the Games

In honor of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, where “live” means 3 hours delayed, Cleverpork Central is covering the Olympics in a timely manner. We can’t promise daily coverage, but we’ll try to keep you informed on the important events at least!

Today had the first medals of the games. There was some biathalon, some short track and some speed skating. But Women’s Moguls were the exciting part.

There is something about watching people ski down a hill with the worst posible conditions then do multiple tricks in the middle. I was thrilled as I watched the athletes rock the hill. It looked easy to navigate the bumps and then rocket into the air and do a flip and such.

Everyone thought that this was Canada’s first chance for a gold medal, but USA got gold (and bronze) and Canada got silver. It was an exciting event and I was impressed with the skill of all the athletes.

Apolo Ohno got another medal in short track.

Also today marked the start of the Luge competition. The Luge started with controversy as a Georgian Luger died during a practice run on the track. Since then they have fixed some safety concerns and all starts are starting from the bobsled and women’s start. This has ade some athletes unhappy because they do the sport because of the danger. They want the speed and technicality of the sport. One German luger said, “now we’re starting at the old lady start, it’s not fast enough.”

The first hokey games of the games were today including Canada winning 18-0 against Slovakia. That is about a goal every 3 minutes of the game.

Check in tomorrow for first luge medals, opening of figure skating and USA’s first hockey game.

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