Cleverpork Olympic Coverage: Start of Figure Skating

In honor of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, where “live” means 3 hours delayed, Cleverpork Central is covering the Olympics in a timely manner. We can’t promise daily coverage, but we’ll try to keep you informed on the important events at least!

Day 3 of the Vancouver Olympics brought with it Luge victory for the Germans, USA Hockey’s first win of the games and Valentines day controversy on the figure skating rink.

Turns out, The man in one pair and the lady in another are dating. Great valentines gift right? Hey honey, I have a great idea, lets go compete against each other on the largest ice skating stage in the world. That would be a good way to show my love right?

Also, my mind was a little bit blown by the skill and grace of Shen and Zhao. Pairs figure skating is designed to be two people skating as one. Shen and Zhao display a mastery of that. In the slow motion footage of them spinning, it is hard to tell a difference between the two. During lifts and holds, they look so comfortable. I very much look forward to tomorrow’s competition where they are not the very first pair on the ice.

I would throw a video in here so you can check it out, but NBC has the olympics on lockdown it seems and have decided to use Microsoft Silverlight to do their videos. As far as I can tell there is no way to embed them.

In addition to the pairs figure skating free program and medals, keep your eyes open for beginning of downhill skiing, more speed skating, and an exciting one, snowboard cross.

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