Cleverpork Olympic Coverage: We Laugh in the Face of Danger

In honor of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, where “live” means 3 hours delayed, Cleverpork Central is covering the Olympics in a timely manner. We can’t promise daily coverage, but we’ll try to keep you informed on the important events at least!

Day 4 brought with it more speed skating, women’s luge, figure skating medals, and snowboard cross. All in all, an exciting day.

First things first, Shen and Zhao, who I was excited about yesterday did in fact win gold in pairs figure skating. It was a wonderful performance. All the skaters were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed that event.

However, Snowboard cross takes the cake in terms of awesome-ness happening yesterday. Imagine a downhill snow event, where you not only need to worry about the time, but also four other people next to you trying to win. This is a relatively new event and has already had it’s fair share of crashes. It is almost the Nascar of the winter olympics.

USA won gold and Canada won silver. There were some sick moves involved. Ski cross is still coming, which is expected to be even more dangerous, because not only are you dealing with multiple other people, you are also worrying about two separate things on your feet. Ski crashes tend to look much more painful than snowboard crashes.

Keep your eyes open for coverage of DAY 1 OF CURLING tomorrow! Also, the Men’s figure skating short program, Women’s luge and more speed skating.

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