Cleverpork Olympic Coverage: Sorry for the Break

In honor of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics, where “live” means 3 hours delayed, Cleverpork Central is covering the Olympics in a timely manner. We can’t promise daily coverage, but we’ll try to keep you informed on the important events at least!

We have two days of coverage today. Day 6 brought the end of the luge, my loss of belief in USA curling and Sean White. Day 7 brought Evan Lysacek gold in men’s figure skating as well as some other skiing and stuff.

The real excitement though was watching Sean White. There was a point where I poo-poo-ed snowboarding and was like “why is that in the olympics?” But Watching Sean White do his final run down the hill was quite spectacular. He had already won gold by the time he did his last run (it is a best of 2 runs kind of thing) so he didn’t worry about it and did the coolest thing he could. And it was cool. He was getting huge air off of the halfpipe and the trick he did at the very bottom was really awesome. I was a little blown away.

Tomorrow is Skeleton medals, likely more failure from USA curling, and the beginning of Ice dancing. If I get an update. Otherwise, Day 9 is more speed skating, Apolo Ohno in short track, and the start of Women’s Aerials skiing.

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