The Haiku Thesis Project

[below is the introduction to my new project, as it is written in the book]

In the spring of 2010, Chris Cunningham, University of Oregon honors college senior, finished his thesis.In order to save people from having to read pages and pages to understand his topic, he compressed his thesis into a haiku. It grew from there . Soon he began searching for like-minded friends and colleagues who would add their theses and the Haiku Thesis Project was born.

If any one wants to add their thesis to the book, let me know! I am accepting all entries, whether you are finishing up now, like me, or you finished last year, or you are in the process, but know your results. Even if you wrote a thesis 50 years ago. if you can remember your writing and want to paraphrase it into a haiku, do so. 

Send me:

  1. the full title of the thesis
  2. Your name as you want it to be seen
  3. the term and year it was finalized (or expected to be if you have not defended yet)
  4. the school you wrote it at
  5. and your haiku.

Optionally, you can run into me in person and write it in the little moleskin book I am keeping for this purpose.

These might only be published on my blog ( or they might eventually be made into a little book. Who knows. 

The goal is to present knowledge that is locked away in these theses in a way that doesn’t force people to spend hours reading the text. 

Here is my entry, as it appears in the book right now:

High School Science Course Order and its Effect on Student Attitudes and Beliefs
Chris Cunningham
Spring 2010
University of Oregon

Why enjoy science?
Probably your teacher’s fault
Not your course order.

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