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Watermelon Jam

Like I may have mentioned earlier, I started following a new blog called Tasteologie. One of the first recipes I saw on there that I wanted to try was Watermelon Jam. It would give me something delicious as well as add another technique to my cooking skill list: canning. The result is a delicious (though I only tasted the stuff that […]

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Liege Waffles

In Eugene the last couple years a new food slowly surfaced. Off The Waffle opened and introduced me to the greatest waffles ever made. I’ve since moved back to Portland, and here I was dying to have a Liege waffle. First, Liege waffles are one of two kinds of waffles from Belgium. Often when you […]

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Resident Evil 3D

Update: Charlie and I did not get into the theater. The studio put the pre-release into the smallest theater Lloyd cinema had. Charlie and I obtained a free pass to the pre-premier showing of the new Resident Evil movie at the Lloyd Center movie theater. I am currently waiting in line while Charlie grabs us […]

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Subway of SCIENCE

Update: Recently he released version 1.0. He added some new scientists and re arranged some things. I know many of you, like me, are concerned with how Rene Descartes is related to Charles Darwin. Luckily, an awesome person developed a subway map for science. It is AWESOME. check it out. Also, this guy seems to […]

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Anamanaguchi Live in Portland

Hey readers, I’m down in downtown Portland to see the chiptune punk band Anamanaguchi. If you don’t know them, I highly recommend checking them out. I am going to live blog this event, but if there is a low frequency of posts, don’t think they sucked, rather, it probably means they’re rocking! 7:30 just ate […]

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