Anamanaguchi Live in Portland

Hey readers, I’m down in downtown Portland to see the chiptune punk band Anamanaguchi. If you don’t know them, I highly recommend checking them out.

I am going to live blog this event, but if there is a low frequency of posts, don’t think they sucked, rather, it probably means they’re rocking!

7:30 just ate some voodoo donuts to get me pumped for the show.
7:35 asked about tickets, was told to get them when the show opens. Also, I’ve been seeing the band members(I think) around the location, but I don’t know what they look like enough to geek out.
7:48 getting in line. I can hear the band warming up inside and hyping on it.
7:50 someone in line nearby has a sex bob-omb shirt on.
7:52 said girl is more geeky than me and is kinda creeping me out. Also I believe this is an all ages show too. Hence this girl who I would guess is high school age.
7:55 this guy is wearing a Mann co. Shirt (team fortress 2). He is cooler than the other girl.
7:56 the voodoo crew was just dissing chiptunes. I think they just like dissing things.
8:02 doors should be open…
8:08 I’d just like to go in so I can not be standing on the street leaning on a trashcan.
8:12 doors are open. Other band is named Pegasus Dream Girlfriend. Don’t know them.
8:21 inside. Got a drink. Some might say “don’t drink and blog” but I laugh in the face of danger.
8:23 DJ is totally rockin’ some sweet electronic beats!
8:25 a concert with a bunch of nerds. Not necessarily the best place to go make friends. Lots of introverts.
8:40 normally I am very cautious about hearing. But I think today I’m probably going to be pushing it.
8:47 did I mention I’m even digging the pre-band music here?
8:50 also I like the atmosphere of this venue. Big ceramic faces on the walls.
8:55 is it bad that the under-21 side is much more full than the cool side? I would guess that it is partly because many of the older crowd is already going to PAX.
8:57 I think the Pegasus dude is getting on.
8:59 he’s set up in front of the stage with multiple instruments oriented around a drum set. Kinda excited for him too.
9:09 nvm. Two bands, this is Girlfriend. Enjoying him.
9:12 not often you get music that is featuring drums.
9:24 This guy ROCKS
9:31 got his CD free.
9:37 I enjoyed him greatly!
9:43 there is someone pulling some SICK dance moves in the underage section. Blowing me a away a bit. I’d join, but I don’t want to give up my drink.
9:50 observation: all Scott Pilgrim shirts have been under 21, all anamanaguchi shirts have been 21 and over.

9:58 second band setting up. They’re on main stage so there is lighting for them.
10:04 Pegasus Dream is rockin’ too!
10:30 Pegasus Dream rocked it! I hotta remember to look them up when I get home!
10:33 just got a closer look at the DJs. Three or 4 button pads, some knobs and 3 macs. These guys got the toys man. Also they are playing the Zelda Overworld Theme right now.

10:36 Anamanaguchi is up next. The crowd is getting more excited. You can almost feel it.
10:44 a nice (but drunk) man named Marshall and I just had a nice conversation. He doesn’t know who anamanaguchi is.
11:00 Anamanaguchi on stage!

11:04 one of the band members is changing a string so there is a “be nice competition”
11:06 the 21+ side totally rocked it!
11:07 he’s back! They’re going to play!
11:56 AMAZING!!! I took a video, I’ll get it up here by tomorrow night. Anyone who didn’t come, MISSED OUT!

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