Monthly Archives: October 2010

Breaking News: Rocket Scientists Not That Smart

You read that right folks, a recent study shows that “rocket science is not brain surgery.” A recent post in Popular Brain Surgery found that while being a rocket scientist does require a certain intellect, it is nothing compared to a the intellect required to be a brain surgeon. Soon after the article was published, a […]

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Housesitting: Day 2

Today has been eventful. Though nothing compares to right now. Harry (the dog) is definitely trying to have sex with his doggy bed. Derek and Charlie are here, we’re watching some netflix and Harry is holding is toy in his mouth, pulling part of the bed up to himself and humping. This has happened like 7 times. […]

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House Sitting: Day 1

I am house/dog sitting for a friend’s family this week. I thought it would be a perfect chance to re-ignite some blog writing. Expect a look at my life as I live alone for the first time (as well as take care of a dog for the first time). Today I arrived at the house around […]

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