House Sitting: Day 1

I am house/dog sitting for a friend’s family this week. I thought it would be a perfect chance to re-ignite some blog¬†writing. Expect a look at my life as I live alone for the first time (as well as take care of a dog for the first time).

Today I arrived at the house around 9:30 and took the dog out for a walk. When we got back, he just lay down. I think I wore him out pretty hard core. I forgot to bring my yogurt from home so I had to try and find something more creative for breakfast. The family said  could use some stuff from their fridge, so I checked it out. They had some eggs, so I fried one up. It was fairly delicious.

For lunch I made a delicious turkey sandwich, then I hung out with Charlie and Derek for a short bit. Derek came over and we hung out for a bit With Harry (the dog). Later, after Derek left I went outside and played catch with harry for a bit.

Next I am going home to grab some dinner then I’ll be back to watch TV, hang with Harry and play some video games. Come back tomorrow for a new Post!

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