Subject: Turing

This post is part of my Shadowrun universe characters’ backstory. I wrote these as a way to understand where my characters were coming from and how they may act in a variety of situations.

Officer Mitchell’s Notes — Unpublished

Codename: Turing

Realname: Unknown

Gender: Male

Metatype: Dwarf

Location: Seattle



I’ve started keeping my log on Codename Turing unpublished after finding significant chunks of them removed from record. I believe he has someone watching him in the system and clearing it out for him. Now it explains why he had no existing criminal record, even though a few officers have recalled a run in. Headquarters still doesn’t believe he is an issue since they don’t see him in the system. Following him has become quite a new hobby of mine.

What I have now is a description: a dwarf, with cyber eyes that is always accompanied by drones of some sort. He goes by the name Turing and is known in the shadowrunning communities as a decent mechanic and a skilled rigger.


I’ve made a breakthrough, a couple members of the shadowrunning community have agreed to give me informal interviews regarding Turing. They seem a little disgruntled with him, so hopefully I get some quality information.


Turns out Turing had been arrested before. He was broken out by a crew including the one who granted me an interview. As they were fleeing the scene something went wrong and Turing, trying to save one of the team members, accidentally killed one of his liberators. The runner I talked to thought it was intentional, though he did state that Turing has a history of bad luck during heroic moments.


I found something before it was erased. Footage of one of Turing’s jobs. He mostly traveled with drones nearby, occasionally going limp and seeming to control the drones directly. It seems that even with his poor luck at times plenty of people are willing to work with him because of his strong technical knowledge. While I was able to get a decent look at him, He looked like half the dwarf mechanics I’ve had fix up my car in the last 5 years, so it would be hard to put out a search.


Two months and not word from Turing. My superiors keep telling me to stop ‘wasting’ company time looking for this man. I know he isn’t dead.

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