Transmissions from the Future: Turing and the Vase

Transmissions from the future are the stories I have derived from Shadowrun adventures I am a part of. Depending on the character they may be written from different perspectives. Check the “Backstory” category for more information about each character.

Two weeks go by without a job. Turing knows it was just bad luck back there, but his last crew wont call him anymore and the mission failure has led to a falling out with that Mr. Johnson. At least he’s got a couple months rent paid on his autoshop or he’d be panicking about now. Resting his feet on his desk, Turing leans his chair backwards.

The phone rings, startling him and almost making him lose his balance. “At least my luck hasn’t run completely dry,” he thinks as he answers the call.

“This is Mr. Johnson, I have a job for you if you’re interested.”

Turing didn’t recognize the voice, but pretty much all corporate contacts referred to themselves as “Mr. Johnson” these days.

“What can I do for you Mr. Johnson?”

“I need some heavy lifting, a package has come in for me but it is being held by customs, red tape and all, if you wouldn’t mind helping it through for me I’ll help out your dwindling bank account”

“Red tape does cause some problems, How much help are we talking about?”

“6000 Nuyen”

Turing pulled up his account, only 800 Nuyen left. He didn’t like going up against governmental types, but he needed the cash. When a dry spell hits, sometimes you have to take what you can get.

“You got a deal.”

Within minutes a new message popped up, detailing the job. Item is a large vase, recently imported from the east, being held at a third tier customs warehouse. Even third tier has decent security though, so Turing pulls up his contact list.

A list of names scroll past. All his normal choices have been avoiding him for weeks now, so he checks the contacts he’s had less history with. One name draws his eye. An Eastern European chick he did a run with what seems like ages ago. As he remembers she was a bit of a brawler, with a distaste for guns. He makes the call.

“Turing, huh? Won’t lie, I didn’t expect to ever hear from you again.”

“Just because I don’t want to punch people doesn’t mean I don’t want you to, Aneta”

“Well, I’m guessing this isn’t a social call then.”

“I got a job offer. Smash and grab, your favorite.”

“I do like to smash. What’s the pay?”

“We’ll split it 50/50, 3000 Nuyen a piece.”

“Whens this going down?”

“Tomorrow night, you in?”

“As long as your drones don’t take away my smashables.”

He knew he called the right girl.

Before he sets in for the night he thinks to go do some minor surveillance. As darkness fell Turing hopped in his van and took a drive past the warehouse. Standard chainlink fence, approximately 20m between it and the warehouse. Four or five guards patrolling inside or out. He pulls out his micro-fly drone and tells it to observe from a safe distance and return home in the morning.

The next day Turing wakes up to an alert that his drone has returned. the surveillance footage reveals that while the drone rack on the roof had a larger capacity, only one drone ever patrolled at a time. Further, a guard only left the building to do regular rounds.

His comlink receives a text message. “Lets get Coffee.” Either Antea wants to flirt or she is ready for action. Turing expects the latter.

Before long Turing is sitting across the table from Aneta as he sends her all the information he has on the job.

“Looks almost too good to be true!”

“I know right. Minimal security, shouldn’t be too hard.” Famous last words a voice in the back of his head chimed in.

“You take the drones, I got the guards.”

“Works well enough for me.”

Turing gives a time after dark and the location of a good safehouse he knows nearby, then they part ways.

Back at home he checks his drones and loads them into his van and departs for the rendezvous. He doesn’t wait long before Aneta arrives and they prepare to depart.

“Two dobermans? Two roto-drones? you need all this?”

“Hey, you never know! When your trade is drones you bring a lot.”

They climb in the van and make their way to the warehouse. However as they approach Turings heart skips a beat. Where the door used to be there is now a hole in the wall. Standing out front are three gangers standing over the bodies of two guards.

“This could be bad” Turing states as he drives past and parks around the corner.

“I’d love to continue the job but if they’re there, who knows how long before the govvies show up.”

Turing scans the matrix looking for activity. Nothing pops up at first, until he realizes that it is a hole of coverage around that point not a lack of communication.

“They’re using a jammer. I don’t think any authorities have been called. Also, something tells me it isn’t a coincidence that these guys are here. We gotta do it tonight.”

Turing starts to get out of the van to prepare his drones when Aneta chimes in “we’re not going to ram them?”

He hadn’t even thought of that. This van was like a child to him, but she made a good point. The three gangers out front were standing close enough together to take all three out. He just had to get through the fence and he was sure he could get it done. He climbs back into the van.

“OK, I like your style sometimes.”

With a quick thought he launches his two roto-drones and tells them to follow the van so they’ll be ready for anything. Then he steps on the gas.

As Adrenalin kicked in, time slowed down. Turing steers the van expertly through the fence and obliterates the three gangers out front.

“Great I’ll need a new paint job” he mutters as he watches Anets jump out of the van and run to the whole in the wall.

Turing climbs out and throws his iBall into the room. It makes it 2 meters before he looses contact. “Eff this jammer,” he mutters under his breath as he focuses his attention on the roto-drones flying above his van.

Aneta charges into the room, and Turing hears a cry of pain from a ganger, followed by two bursts of gunfire.

I need a drone he thinks as he tries to connect with it. Finally he breaks through long enough to tell one of his drones to follow him closely and shoot everything that moves other than Turing and Aneta. Then he dives into the room.

One guy is already lying bullet riddled on the floor and the other two are pointing their machine pistols at Aneta. Turing runs up the small staircase leading to the office room before launching a burst of gunfire down on the gangers. Hs drone, acquiring the same targets, unloads 6 expertly placed rounds into the closest one dropping him to the ground in a small pool of blood.

As Aneta charges and disables the remaining ganger, Turing knows he needs to find and compromise that jammer. He tells his drone to stand down, for fear of hitting Aneta, and tries to locate the jammer. Next thing he knows, his AR shuts down.

“Shit, I just crashed my comlink.”

He goes for the office door, finding it locked he swipes his maglock passkey, hoping to break through. “Access Denied” flashes on the screen above the keycard slot. Turing Panics.

Luckily right then, Aneta punches the last ganger in the room so hard he collapses to the floor. With a quick look she finds the jammer and shows Turing to get him to calm down.

“Relax I got it right here. You restart your comlink and find that box.”

Turing grabs a passkey from one of the warehouse’s guards on the ground and enters the office. He sits at a terminal and plugs in the keycard again.

“Welcome Officer Mitchells” displays the screen. With a couple taps of his fingers he pulls up the location of the crate in question.

“I got it!”

“Lets go!”

They cary the large unwieldy crate and get it into the back of the van, barely fitting with the drones. As they drive away Aneta shuts off the jammer. Turing finally relaxes seeing his connection reattach to the drones in his van.

“I want a burger.”

“I think you’ve earned it,” turing mutters as he parks the van in their safehouse. He messages Mr. Johnson stating that the package is ready for delivery. Almost instantly Turing has a time and location for the drop off. “Come on, you drive, The blood may cause unwanted attention.”

After their burger they meet Mr. Johnson at the drop off point with the vase.

“Mr. Turing, with this turnaround, I’m amazed you haven’t had more work recently.” Mr. Johnson states as he examines the crate. Once he is satisfied that no harm has come to it he tosses Turing a credstick. “It’s all on there.”

Turing checks it quickly with his comlink, 6000 Nuyen, as promised.

“Oh and Turing, Keep your comlink open, I may have another job soon.”

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