Transmissions from the Future: Amalgamated Chemicals Pt. 1

Transmissions from the future are the stories I have derived from Shadowrun adventures I am a part of. Depending on the character they may be written from different perspectives. Check the “Backstory” category for more information about each character.

I only had to wait 30 hours for Mr. Johnson to call me back.

“Are you ready for another job Mr. Turing?”

“Sure, what are we talking about?”

“There is a new drug on the streets, called ‘Vertigo.’ I’d love for you to get me a sample.”

“How much love are we talking about here?”

“If you get me a square kilo I’ll get you 10k Nuyen.”

“You have a deal.”

“I’m forwarding you the info we received from our last group before they dropped out.”

With that before I could ask any more questions he hung up. While his last comment made me nervous I figured I could get this done. On top of that I didn’t have much experience with street drugs so I knew I needed a little help.

“Aneta I could use a hand. 10k split evenly.”

“Sure, what’s the job?”

“There’s a new drug on the market, called vertigo, I need a kilo.”

“Vertigo huh, never heard of it. I’m in, especially if I can keep some for myself.”

“Hey as long as we get paid you can grab whatever you like! So coffee tomorrow? I’m going to do some research.”

After we hung up I sent my fly-spy to survey Touristville, the area of town a van seen dealing these drugs has been traversing. My drone found the van, clearly marked “Amalgmated Chemicals,” and followed all night eventually catching it pull into an unmarked warehouse. This was the first point I had a bad feeling about this job.

The next day after we both shared our insights, Aneta’s being mostly that it was just a new drug, we decided to check out this warehouse. After parking a couple hundred meters away, I jacked into my Kanmushi, the best micro crawler, and made my way to the warehouse. Just before dark, a van drove in and I followed.

To my surprise, there was almost nothing in the entire warehouse. The only thing seemed to be a large medical tarp hanging towards the center and a second van. Both vans were unmarked but I figured I’d have a chance in a moment to see what was in them. I scurried over to the tarp and took a look inside.

There was a man wearing a lab coat and a couple tables. I watched as men got out of the van I had followed in and unloaded three gurneys with unconscious people on them. The doctor, as I had decided to identify him, pulled off their shirts attached some sort of a bio monitor put on a face mask and then loaded them into the other van. Once all three were in the doctor got in his van and the others got in their van and both left.

After I jacked out I gave my drone instructions on how to get out later. Then I recounted the scene I had just seen.

“I’m starting to worry we’re in over our heads. There is something seriously big going on here.”

“You saved that footage right?”

“Of course, I think Mr. Johnson will be quite interested in this find.”

“Well, I guess it is time to go buy some drugs.”

“You have more experience than me, tell me where to go.”

We drove to a nearby bar and sat down separately with a drink. After 30 minutes Aneta walked over to me.

“I got a sample of something new called ‘Cherish’ — I don’t know what it is, but it could be a clue. Can you tell a drone to keep an eye on him?” She subtlety pointed to a man across the bar. After tacking a picture with my cyber eyes I told my Fly-Spy to wait for him outside the bar and track his movements.

“I have a description of Cherish here: makes you feel the warmth of home with the family at the holidays. Vertigo isn’t coming up quite as quickly.”

I pulled up some new software il just bought on my comlink and started searching for vertigo along with her. Soon enough I found it.

“Uh yeah I think this isn’t what we’re looking for. One user describes Vertigo as ‘one of the worst trips I’ve ever had, it was like experiencing my worst break up coupled with the complete understanding of my own mortality and pain of a bad flu.’ I think we need to find some people who are gluttons for punishment”

“I think I know a good place, let’s go.”

Back in the van we drove to some nice underpasses and found a good collection of junkies. In the middle of the are was a man obviously not quite as high.

“your turn to buy the drugs.”

I walk out of the van and make my way over to the dealer.

“I’m looking for something new.”

“you a cop?”

I try to reassure him but I can tell he isn’t convinced.”

“ok, what do you want?”

“what have you got?”

“I don’t think you heard me, what. Do. You. Want?”


He paused for a second.

“How much.”

“I’d buy a kilo.”


Something seems fishy if I was being paid 10k but this guy was selling it for 2k but it was a start.

“Show me the drugs and we have a deal.”

20 minutes later a motorcycle gang showed up one pulled up to our dealer and handed him a briefcase.

“Here you go one kilo, now where is my money?”

Aneta walked up

“what’s this cut with?”

“Nothing, just one kilo of street grade Vertigo.”

“Street grade?! What good do I have with street grade?”

“Hey, that’s what I got. Frankly I don’t know you, and I only help people I know, so give me my money and get lost.”

The dealer pulled out his shot gun and the biker gang seemed to lean in towards me. I thought for a second about calling in some drones, but decided it would be best to deal with this civilly for now.

“OK man, here you go.” I beam him some credits, take the case and head back to the van. The gang disperses and the dealer heads off.

“We gotta follow him, see if we can’t get some of the top grade.”

Agreeing I step on the gas and chase after our new friend.

Soon he pulls up to some crappy housing and I park next to him. As he climbs out of the car, Aneta jumps out and grabs him by the neck rows his gun into the van and slams him Toni his own car.

“OK bud we tried to play this nice. But you are pissing me off. You’re going to call your suppliers and get me a kilo of uncut farmer’s grade Vertigo.”

“See if you can’t grab my money too!” I chime in.

“so you going to comply or do I need to rough you up a bit more?”

“hey there lady, take it easy.”


He fumbles with his comlink and calls whom we presume must be his contact. And asks for a kilo, uncut, of vertigo.

“they’ll be here in 30 minutes.”


As soon as she loosens her grip, the dealer cowers on the ground.

I ready both my roto-drones in the air, ready to be called down at a moment’s notice, and we wait. After a short 30 minutes, a van, neatly labeled ‘Amalgamated Chemicals’ arrives and two guys climb out of the back. Aneta jumps the first one with a square punch to the jaw. As I call both drones down and tell one to shoot out a tire on the van. I don’t want the van getting away and the driver is definitely still in there, though I do remember him being completely terrified.

Aneta gets hit pretty hard by a taser, I almost see her skeleton as it shocks her. I knew I needed to get some of their fire off of her as I see the other guy completely miss his shot at her. I have my drones focus their fire on the guy shooting the actual gun, not the taser, as I prepared myself to jack into one. While both drones missed it didn’t really matter as the next hit of a taser dropped Aneta to the ground. As both men looked for cover, I told one drone to open fire and took control of the other.

Braaat, Braaat

One guard went down.


A solid shot hit the other guard and he started to try to run away. He only makes two steps before he collapsed, dead.

As I jack out of the drone I told it to wait outside the door of the driver, keep him in the car. I knew I needed to wake up Aneta.

“Let me at them!” she yelled as a shook her awake. Apparently she had popped some drug before being knocked out.

“They’re dead.” I pointed at the two bodies laying bloody on the ground.

She looked at the van, saw the driver and moved quicker than I could stop. She pulled the door open and punched him squarely on the jaw. Just like that he was out cold.

I opened the back of the van and my heart dropped.

“It’s empty.”

“what do you mean?”

“There are only gurneys like the ones I saw in the warehouse. I have a bad feeling about all of this.”

I took some pictures, as I have a feeling that mr. Johnson would like to see some of this.

“This is a very intriguing mystery.”

“Yeah, I’m ready to figure this out, but figuring everything out doesn’t pay us 10k. Let me call my Johnson.”

I send him a message: “there have been some complications, call me at your first convenience.”

To be continued…

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