Dr. Strange Wakes Up

This post is part of my Shadowrun universe characters’ backstory. I wrote these as a way to understand where my characters were coming from and how they may act in a variety of situations.

Three months ago I woke up laying on the floor of my apartment with the sound of my alarm going off in the other room. I had no idea who I was, where I was, or how I got there. As I got out of my slumber a few things came back to me.

I knew I had some strong power inside of me. I remembered my education and training; not how I learned but what I learned.

I surveyed my apartment. A few things were still boxed up, as if I had just moved there. I looked at the computer on the desk in the living room (I could never understand how people use these things all the time). After a minute of frustratingly tapping at keys I found who the computer was registered to: New User.

Next I found my magic lodge set up in one room. I immediately recognized the cat totem sitting on a small table in the center. While my mentor spirt is very useful I had a feeling she would just laugh at my lost identity; such is the way with cats.

I left my 3rd floor apartment and found the landlord on the way down. “Hey mister! You never left your name and contact info with me.”

“I actually have no idea who I am. I was hoping my name would be on the lease,” I said stunned. I suddenly got the feeling that I would be starting a whole new life. “Did I say where I came form or anything? When did I move in?”

The landlord looked at me funny and replied, “you moved in yesterday, we barely talked after you put a years rent down.”

“OK thanks,” I replied stunned. Then thinking quickly to my memory of comic books, the amnesia left some odd knowledge in my head, I spurted out, “and for now we’ll just put Stephen Strange down.”

I returned to my apartment and decided to meditate and converse with my spirit mentor for the time being. I sat on the floor and let the flow of mana pour over me. I opened my eyes to see a Siamese house cat sitting on the table looking back at me.

“Well hello there friend, it seems you’re having a bit of an identity crisis huh?” she purred.

“I remember you, I remember my skills, but I don’t know anything about who I am!” I replied.

“Maybe you were trying to get a clean start, maybe you were caught by the wrong people for doing the right thing. All I can tell you right now is to start a new life and great things may still come your way,” she stated as she slowly morphed back into the cat totem on the table.

“Well I guess that’s it time to rediscover my life,” I thought and got up. I looked outside and had a flash of memory of a picture I had seen once of Hong Kong and the skyline here looked very similar.

Over the next month I acquired a new comlink and a scooter and started making friends. I found a friendly talismonger in the local market with which I quickly bonded. After I had come in a few times to buy some supplies, she made an offer that changed my life.

She called me over and asked, “Stephen I have some friends who are runners. They need a Mage for a job. Any interest?”

I had heard of shadowrunners since I woke up; people who performed covert operations, mostly for and against corporations. For all I knew I was a shadowrunner in my past life. It could be dangerous, but with the right skills it could also be very financially beneficial. Since my cash on hand had started running a little thin I figured going for a run couldn’t hurt.

“Sure, here’s my contact info,” I said as I held up my comlink, “I am useless with these things so do whatever you need to get the info.” she pressed some buttons, I’d say it was magic to me, but I knew magic, and I saw her comlink light up with the message.

“They’ll get a hold of you soon,” she said with a smile. I hoped she would hold on to that number for other reasons too.

That first run went smoothly. The one after that did too. Occasionally my fellow runners would get frustrated at how I seemed to play with my enemies, never giving enough force to straight up knock them out. I was proud of myself when they started comparing me to a cat.

I didn’t run into my first problem until the third run I did, last month. There was a corporate mage protecting this site, and he summoned an earth spirit to attack us. To my companions delight, but my chagrin, the spirit ignored my friends and went straight for me, like he had a grudge to settle. I destroyed him, but had to take my attention away from the other battle while I settled that fight. I know now, that I should be a little more attentive if Earth spirits show up again.

I still sometimes think about my past before I woke up here in Hong Kong, but I also try to take my mentor’s advice and see it as a brand new beginning.

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