Transmissions from the Future: Welcome to Hong Kong

Transmissions from the future are the stories I have derived from Shadowrun adventures I am a part of. Depending on the character they may be written from different perspectives. Check the “Backstory” category for more information about each character.

I can safely say, the real excitement started 3 months after I woke up in Hong Kong. I got a phone call from an acquaintance I had done a run with in the past, Sam Lee. He was an ork adept, using magic to enhance his abilities, rather than cast spells, with a real happy trigger finger.

“Hey Strange, My roommate found me a job but I need a crew,” Lee told me over the phone, “Mayhem Molly is on board but I thought your spell casting could be of use.”

I knew Mayhem Molly, an elf lady who is as skilled with her retractable claws as she is with a katana. She moves as fast as I do when I am beefed up on my spells.

“With the three of us, this could be some great work! Count me in,” I replied.

“Sounds good. Meet us a Wong’s noodles at 7 and we’ll get more fully reacquainted.”

It always felt odd eating at an international noodle chain when you are in a cultural hub like Hong Kong, but I found the location Lee was refering to and found Mayhem (which she prefers being called over Molly) already sitting with him. Like most in Hong Kong this particualr location was open air bar, with a thick sheet of glass between “Wong,” the cook, and the dinners. We all ordered our favorites and started to munch and chat when a younger lady came and sat down near us.

Lee, obviously noticing something Mayhem and I did not, asked her if everything was OK. She replied in the more common for the region Cantonese, “Can you help me, they’re going to kill me!”

“Woah, who is going to kill you, over what?” replied Lee as he looked around. “Nevermind. Guys, incoming.” He motioned over his shoulder where six guys in heavy coats were approaching the counter. The lead man grabbed the lady and Lee stood up.

“Excuse me, but the lady here was talking with me. I’d appreciate if you would let her go. She obviously doesn’t want to go with you,” growled Lee.

“This is none of your business Trog! sit back down,” The man yelled.

Lee pulled his gun out and calmly stated, “It is now,” before elbowing that man in the nose.

Blood immediately started pouring down his face as he yelled, “GET THEM!” and started dragging the lady off. Mayhem quickly turned around and launched a shiruken at the man holding the lady, who collapsed.

As I watched the remaining 5 grunts pull knives and guns out of their coats I launched what I affectionately knew as my ‘hot potato’ spell. This spell has the power to convince all members within an area that all metal they are touching is now red hot. However, I must have been far too careful because not a single one dropped their weapons. However Lee, who happened to be within my range, suddenly yelled and dropped his gun, only getting one shot off.

As Mayhem tore through grunts with her claws the enemies, seemed to target Lee first. Before too long he was on the ground.

When the two, of four left, with semi-automatic pistols turned their guns on me, I was already casting spells to increase my speed. I knew I’d have to finish these punks off quick to save Lee. I started by casting Manabolt; resonating with the residual arcane powers inside one grunt, essentially frying him from the inside out, when he looked pained I launched a stream of acid at the next guys face. Mayhem tore through the first one I wounded and started hacking off a third guys arms. I took my chance, and launched with a manabolt attack on the man who was screaming from acid burns. As he fell the last unharmed man turned and ran.

“This had better have been worth it,” mumbled Mayhem as she hurried over to Lee. She quickly stabilized him and picked him up. “Bring her,” she pointed at the lady crouched crying on the ground, “and lets get out of here, fast!”

We made our way to a nearby cheap hotel and grabbed a room under a fake name. I started using some first aid and tried repairing Lee’s wounds as Mayhem asked our new friend, “What was that about. Why were those men after you?!”

It turned out she was a drug runner for them, but she watched them murder her best friend and ran, fearing for her life. I made sure she had somewhere safe to stay and tried to make sure she could contact me if she needed someone and we decided she could go.

“Your friend, he is very hurt, I know a local doctor, I’ll bring him here,” She said and she left the room.

Within thirty minutes an older Chinese doctor knocked on our door. He quickly patched up Lee, gave him some medicine handed Mayhem his card and walked out, no questions asked. He definitely was a good resource to remember.

As Lee woke up and we sat there recuperating, we remembered we were supposed to get a call about a job. “They’re taking their sweet time with this aren’t they.”

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