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Zenith – Part 2

“Em, what happened to your hands!” Emily snapped out of the daze she was in and returned to the table. While she never really had many strong friends, she was sitting with three other students mostly held together by the high level math classes they were all taking. Finals were coming up and so many […]

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Zenith – Part 1

Emily Davidson didn’t have a dramatic awakening. Many mages were snapped awake by death or destruction. For Emily one day she was living a normal college life and the next she was complaining about undersized coffee cups. Just like many mornings before she left home and stopped at the corner coffee shop to get her […]

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Zenith – Prolouge

Zephyr climbed the last step and reached out to the door. He was finally here. Twelve years of searching had finally led him to this point. But before he could take hold of the door handle it turned and opened in front of him. “Come on in!” said the woman cheerfully as she turned and […]

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