Zenith – Part 1

Emily Davidson didn’t have a dramatic awakening. Many mages were snapped awake by death or destruction. For Emily one day she was living a normal college life and the next she was complaining about undersized coffee cups.

Just like many mornings before she left home and stopped at the corner coffee shop to get her liquid sleep to make up for her lack of the real thing. Unlike those previous mornings as the barista handed her her ‘12 ounce’ cup of coffee she looked at it and said, “This is a ten ounce cup. 10.26 to be precise.” The barista looked up at her confused. Emily shook her head and turned to walk outside. She passed the exactly 15.34 meters it took to get to the door and opened it to an angle of 87*. She then stepped outside into the sun.

The sun was as bright as it ever was in Portland during the spring. There was a little bit of moisture on the ground left over from last night’s drizzle. Trees were regaining their leaves and a few even looked like they were getting ready to flower. Overall it was a pleasant spring day. If I have to be up for class, at least it is like this she thought to herself with a slight smile as she let her eyes droop and soak in the sun. Even with her eyes closed she could feel the buildings around her defining the space she occupied.

Then she tripped.
her eyes flashed open as she fell. That shouldn’t have happened — The space here is wrong. As soon as she hit the ground she was standing. Her spilled drink lay open on the ground, but its missing two ounces were out of her mind. She didn’t know what she meant when her brain said space was wrong. The road looked just like it had any other day. The roots of a nearby tree had pushed under the concrete sidewalk and made a bump. To anyone else it probably looked like she tripped on that, But I tripped on emptiness not a tree root. Even as she thought it it didn’t make sense. Frustrated she picked up her bag and walked carefully to class.

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