Zenith – Part 2

“Em, what happened to your hands!”

Emily snapped out of the daze she was in and returned to the table. While she never really had many strong friends, she was sitting with three other students mostly held together by the high level math classes they were all taking. Finals were coming up and so many free moments during the day were taken up by study groups. Even meal times weren’t protected.

“I um,” she looked down at her hands, “I fell earlier. I didn’t realize how bad it looked.” Her hands were thoroughly scratched up. Parts of her palm were stained red from where she had been bleeding. “I guess my adrenaline just kicked in.”

“Are you telling me you took notes in class with your hands like that and you didn’t even notice you were bleeding? Are you sure you’re not an alien?”

“Ha ha, very funny Steve.” It was a joke that had come out of the fact that Emily just had a mind for numbers — and that she tended to be a social outcast. “I guess I should go clean up.” Emily stood up and without needing to look where she was going, made her way to the bathroom.

Halfway there she felt it again. That feeling of wrongness that hit her earlier on the street. looking away from her hands she looked around at the various tables occupied by students enjoying their lunches. One caught her eye, a woman with hair darker than black. She had a delicate looking face, but held herself in a way that implied she was far from harmless. While most tables were occupied by many people, she sat alone writing in a notebook as she took bites from a sandwich. It wasn’t the girl herself that felt wrong though, it took Emily a minute to figure out what it was. Her backpack, and suddenly it clicked. Her backpack was larger than it appeared. While it looked like a normal backpack, Emily was certain that if the girl wanted she could fit at least one person, probably two or three, inside.

What is going on? she thought to herself as she started to walk towards the mystery girl. But as she started moving people started standing up. the closer she got to her the more people were pushing in the opposite direction and it became harder and hard to see her, let alone reach her. After struggling past a guy built like a football lineman Emily gave up as she was faced down by two basketball player sized men. It’s as if the universe is protecting her. I have to figure out what is going on. Somehow Emily knew that she wasn’t going to be able to just walk up to this girl, she’d have to try something else.

Emily finished cleaning up her hands and returned to her study group. “Hey Steve, you know a lot of people, do you know who that girl is?” Emily asked pointing to the raven-haired girl.

“Oh ho ho! you have a thing for witches now?” laughed Steve. This is why I don’t normally talk to you, thought Emily.

“What are you talking about?” Questioned Amanda, who was the closest to a friend that Emily had in the group.

“They say she turned Oscar Simmons into a frog after he tried to copy off her test. I don’t believe it, but if witches did exist I bet they’d look like her,” smirked Steve defensively, “Besides I haven’t seen Oscar in a while.”

“I thought he moved to New York,” chimed Amanda.

“Yeah, but it was her that told the administration that.” rebutted Steve.
“Whatever Steve, forget I asked. If you can’t be serious you shouldn’t even bother,” grumbled Emily as she opened up her textbook. But she wondered how much truth there was in Steve’s conspiracy. After all Emily couldn’t shake that feeling of wrongness in the air around her.

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