Zenith – Part 3

Emily didn’t often maintain plans for her weekends. This weekend was no different. She knew studying would take up some of her time, but prefered to act as time went rather than trying to create structure in her life. Because of this freedom, Emily decided to spend her evening trying to understand what she felt in the park blocks on her way to class.


It was a strange feeling in that space. She had walked down this road so many times and never saw anything strange, but today there was something about it that made it feel like it should be bigger. Walking over that spot felt like she was stepping over a fold in space, like someone had taken a map of the area and pinched two points together. Across the street everything felt fine and as she walked into the park she reached a point where the park felt correct.


Emily stood on the opposite side of the street staring at a space that didn’t seem to exist. There must be a rational explanation for this, it’s not like it is magic,she thought. Let me think this through. Yesterday everything felt right, so what could have changed. The weather? it seems just as sunny. Maybe a tree got cut down? I know some of these trees seem awfully close to the road.


While she was lost in thought she almost missed the young woman she watched earlier walking towards her. Almost. What caught her attention and pulled her out of her daze was the fact that as the raven haired woman approached the crowd on the street seemed to get thicker. There are almost never this many people on the street at this time, Emily thought as a hint of deja vu kicked in. This is just like the cafeteria! Emily just barely caught a glimpse of the lady’s rich black hair and bright golden eyes before the crowd got too thick.


Then as quickly as it built up the crowd was gone. It was hard to even tell where the people went. It was as if they didn’t really exist. Like they were figments of imagination. But something was wrong. She is still here, but I can’t see her. Emily didn’t know why she thought this. Maybe it was the same thing that got over her about the street, and her cup this morning. Maybe she went IN there, Emily considered the fold in space and crossed the street again.


If it is a fold, she reasoned,  I should be able to unfold it. Or at least climb into the fold. She did it just now right? Emily thought back to her high level physics classes she took before dropping her physics minor. I was never good with extra dimensions.


Reaching out, Emily felt for the place that space changed. Once she found it she traced her hand along the fold and tried to understand what it felt like. This is NOT the absence of a tree. If anyone asked her what reality felt like before that day she wouldn’t have been able to tell them. Today her brain told her that the three dimensions of space had a certain thickness to them, almost a velvet quality. This fold felt a little rougher, like a carpet that has been worn down from traffic. At the roughest spot she felt a tiny gap. She lightly applied a pressure in a fourth dimension and felt her hand slide into a space that didn’t fully exist. Her heart skipped a beat and she pulled her hand back out.


Should I really just DO this? Visions of science fiction films where people get turned inside out while teleporting flashed through her head. I don’t even know what this is. Maybe Dr. Frank would be able to help. But she knew better. If her professor knew anything about folds in space time she was sure he would have said something related to it. She reached her hand forward, found that magic spot and pushed.
Her hand went through. She took a step forward. Her arm was in deep. Another step forward she saw her foot disappear. Then she was no longer in a normal space.

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