Zenith – Part 5

“Seriously?” Emily was standing next to Violet staring at the door.

“Yeah, Just focus on your apartment as you open the door. If you want you could ask it nicely. That helped me early on.” Violet paused. “I admit it sounds stupid out loud.”

Emily glanced at Violet wondering if this was some cruel joke. Her mind took control and looked for a hidden camera in some corner of the ceiling, then she returned to the door. “What if it doesn’t work?”

Violet chuckled, “well then you’re just another new mage right? Why worry about it? You’re the one who charged into my house earlier.”

“Your space, not your house. You assaulted me before I could get to your house.”

Emily reached out to the door. Hey Reality, she thought to herself, it would be really cool if my apartment were on the other side of this door. She touched the handle of the door slowly turned it and pulled it open.

Violet’s jaw dropped. She had asked Emily to try, but never truly expected it to work. On the other side of the door, was not the broom closet of Violet’s house. Instead it was a somewhat messy bedroom. The desk had piles of notes and a day old sludge of coffee sat in in a glass coffee pot on the night stand. Violet resisted the urge to dive back into Emily’s head and check to make sure it really was her first day as a mage.

Then it was a broom closet again.

Violet spun around just in time to see Emily start to collapse. She stepped forward and caught Emily just before her knees buckled and she fell. She carefully picked Emily up and brought her to the bed. Violet chuckled as she laid her down, “Rough day I guess.”


“Man, what a dream. Magic huh?” Emily groaned as she rolled over in bed. She re-adjusted her pillow and moved the cat out of her face. Her long golden hair was slightly damp with sweat, the room felt warmer than she normally kept it. Light was streaming in from a window. “Ugh, why did I pull open the blinds?” She reached across the bed to grab her other pillow to cover her eyes but got a hand full of hair instead. Emily’s eyes snapped open and she sat up immediately.

Laying in bed next her was Violet. Emily was still in her clothes from the previous night. She was not in her room. That was not her cat. She didn’t have a cat. Was that not a dream? She closed her eyes and felt with her mind to see what she could see. The dimensions of the room sat in front of her. Beyond that she could feel the edge of the strange folded pocket of space they sat in. She could faintly even sense an awakening mind directly next to her.

A groan pulled her out of her trance. Violet rolled over on her side and jumped as she remembered that she was not alone in bed. “Oh I’m so sorry. You fainted last night after opening the door and I thought I’d make you comfortable and I didn’t have another bed or a couch or anything so I put you here but then you didn’t come to and I got tired so I layed down for bed next to you too,” she took a breath and lowered her voice, “I hope that wasn’t too weird.”

Emily’s eyes locked on Violet. She was wearing pink pajamas. Her face was bright red. Something about it seemed oddly cute, even though she knew Violet could probably wipe her mind if she wanted to, in that moment Emily felt like Violet was vulnerable for the first time.

Emily stood up. Looked around to get her bearings briefly, then stated, “I’m sorry to bother you,” and walked out the front door with wide eyes. She was able to quickly find the bend in space and stepped through onto the street. It was the weekend and she needed to process what she just woke up to. But first she needed coffee.

Luckily down the street was her favorite coffee shop, so she turned and headed that way. Once she got to the door she remembered her previous day’s coffee adventure. Well, if i can change spaces, I bet I could make that cup actually hold 12 ounces, she thought with a smile. as she got to the front of the line she focused on the cup the man at the register grabbed and encouraged space to extend inside of it. She felt, more than saw, the cup expand inside, but stay the same shape on the outside. As the man poured the coffee he seemed a little frustrated at how slowly his coffee pot was pouring but didn’t seem to notice why it took longer. Well, that was pretty easy, Emily thought as she picked up her cup and walked outside, I guess Violet was right.

She walked quickly, except for slowing to sip her coffee, back to her apartment. The sun of the previous day was replaced, in normal Portland fashion, by thick clouds so Emily was feeling a little chilly in her skirt and t-shirt. She was ready to take a bath and try to figure out exactly what was going on with the world.

As Emily approached the door to her apartment she felt strangely nervous. Visions of the previous night flashed through her head. She kept worrying that she would open her door to find herself in Violet’s closet, or worse that her room had disappeared completely. Twenty four hours ago, she had no idea that magic existed and now she was terrified that she destroyed what little material things she owned.

I think you can do anything to space that you wish,” Violet’s words repeated back to her in her head. “create space, destroy space, interpose space. Reality will bend to your whim.” It terrified Emily. Even Violet, who Emily saw as one of the strongest people she had ever met, seemed to have a tinge of fear as she said those words.

Her heart was racing as she reached out for the door handle. She was trying to stay focused on what she knew was behind the door, her room, but her mind kept jumping between possibilities that seemed impossible to her past self. I need to calm down, she thought, If I can truly adjust reality with my thoughts is is the wrong way to be thinking. She turned the handle and opened the door.

Inside was her room. Messy as always, clothes from the previous day on the floor, her pajamas lying on the bed. Stacks of papers and books littered her desk. The view was the same as the one she had seen just a few hours before. Emily suddenly realized she had been holding her breath and exhaled. The tension she was holding in her back released and she walked to the bath.

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