Zenith – Part 6

That bath was the most relaxing bath Emily had ever had. She pushed everything out of her head and focused on just enjoying the warmth of the water around her. Too much had happened over the last 24 hours to even comprehend. Just thinking about thoughts made her remember the feeling of Violet diving through her mind. She shuddered despite the warm water and tried to relax.

Thirty minutes later she climbed out of the tub, her fingers creased with prune-marks. She pulled her towel over and dried herself off reveling in the soft fluff she had made sure inhabited her bathroom. Before long she was dressed and sitting at her desk. Homework suddenly seemed so petty compared to the reality of reality she now knew. Is there a mage that could change something as fundamental as math? she wondered as she looked over her books. There must be some constants in the world right? Of course, she knew that just yesterday she wouldn’t have thought that reading minds or teleporting was possible either. She pushed the thought of her entire academic career being destroyed by a mage with a stray thought out of her head, only to find it replaced by the idea of her accidentally destroying the world with a stray thought.

“I need help, don’t I,” she said out loud to the empty room. Violet and her talked a lot last night, but she didn’t seem all that more experienced than Emily did. Violet talked about other mages in Portland, Emily thought, I should try to find some.

“Don’t tell another mage your name. That is lesson one. The more information another mage has about you the easier it is to affect you.” Violet’s words echoed through her head again. Emily considered names she could use. Theorems and Mathematicians bounced through her head, It seemed petty to use her past life to define this strange future but at the same time, it seemed right. “Hypatia,” she said out loud, getting a feel for the word. “Hypatia.” It sounded good. Hypatia was an early mathematician, educator and philosopher. Seemed as good of a name as any.

Equipped with a new name, Emily thought about how she could go about meeting other mages in Portland, but her mind kept returning to Violet. She was starting to feel bad about leaving so abruptly this morning. Other than their first meeting, Violet had been nothing but kind and generous to her. Conversation was pleasant and she seemed to know a lot about this new world. Emily felt a stronger connection to Violet than she did to any other person she had met since moving to Portland.

Beyond just her connection, she felt that a compatriot was something that Violet needed. Something about how she talked about her past made Emily know that there was something dark and unhappy lying beneath the surface. Someday, pledged Emily silently to herself,  I will return her aid.

The walk back to Violet’s house wasn’t very long, and Emily’s mind was occupied thinking about magic, so she barely noticed the time pass. Emily didn’t even notice the light rain start to fall or the strange man watching her walk down the street. But then a sudden realization pulled her out of her thoughts.

“It’s not here.” She panicked. The fold wasn’t there anymore. She looked around, confirming that this was the right spot. The space around her didn’t even feel wrong anymore. Emily’s heart sank. With wide eyes she searched for anything that would give a hint of what might have happened after she left Violet’s house that morning.

The sky opened up and let rain wash everything away.

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