Zenith – Part 7

“Hypatia,” Ged’s voice bellowed across the hall, “Explain yourself.” The Director of the Society of Mages in Portland was a tall bearded man, broad shoulders. He wore robes and carried a staff. If wizards from fairy tales existed in the modern day they would look just like him. The only thing setting him in the modern era were the Nikes on his feet and the digital watch on his wrist.

“I am innocent of these charges,” Emily protested, “your reports must be mistaken.” Two months had passed since she had adopted her new name and she had become a known member of the Society.

“Young lady, just because you can alter space doesn’t mean that you should. Many mages have reported a wanton abuse of your powers. When you overuse power, you risk complications.”

“I can take care of myself Ged.”

“Do you want another life on your hands though?”

“I–” No one had heard from Violet in those two months. Emily clenched her fist. “I am leaving now.” She turned and stormed to the door.

“You are powerful Hypatia, but you are immature. You must learn restraint. STOP”

Emily didn’t slow down. She felt the power in the words but it paled in comparison to an old feeling. “I’ll return tomorrow, Ged. Maybe you’ll take the stick out of your butt.”

She felt space start to fold around her, Ged trying to trap her in the room. Emily smiled and simply waved her arm and space rearranged itself, even placing her closer to the door. She opened the door and turned her head back, “I told you. I will be back. It’ll be better for both of us,” and she walked out.

Asshole, Emily thought as she rode the bus back to her apartment, Why does he have to act all high and mighty. When Violet laughed at my friendliness I, She had trouble thinking beyond that line, I didn’t understand. A tear dropped down her cheek. Two months. No one thought she could still be alive. The Society had determined it to be an accident caused by Emily, and her guilt was strong. She still thought about her, dreamed about her, regularly.

It was late when Emily made it home. The sun had set and she ate leftover pizza cold out of her fridge. As she sat on her bed in her pajamas her emotion bounced between anger and sadness. I don’t know how to deal with him. He uses her against me. The closest friend I ever had, that I only knew for one day. I have a feeling Violet would know how to respond. She closed her eyes and laid herself down.

Sleep came quickly but was not restful. Emily tossed and turned well through the night. Then a she was still. A look of relaxation hit her face and her mind engaged in a recurring vision that always left her feeling better.


“Hey Emily, I’m glad to see you again.” Violet’s black hair cascaded from her head and split to reveal her caring smile. The two stood across from each other in a strange and emotional space.

“Oh Violet, I’m so sorry,” Emily cried burying her face in her hands. “I wish you were still here.”

A hand landed on Emily’s shoulder, and with it a wave of comfort filled her soul. “I am here. And you have no reason to be sorry,” Violet’s voice dried Emily’s eyes.

“Where have you been this whole time? Everyone thinks I killed you!” Emily’s voice tipped with worry, “Why did you wait to come back til now?

“I didn’t wait. I have been here. It isn’t your fault Emily.” Violet pulled Emily into a hug. “Now you need to sleep. You’ll do no one any good if you’re tired.” She rested her chin on Emily’s shoulder. “Sleep well, my friend.”

Emily slept.


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