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Zenith – Part 14

Emily heard Violet’s panicked voice and knew the weight of the situation. She heard footsteps up the steps outside and turned to look at the dog lying across the room just in time to see its ears perk up and open its eyes. We’re out of time Em. You need to leave now. Emily blinked. […]

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Zenith – Part 13

Emily stepped out into the green fields at the base of hill. She stumbled for a second and turned around just in time to see the door behind her close on the downtown alleyway. She shook her head a few times and tried to regain her bearings. That was… something. She could feel Violet chuckle […]

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Zenith – Part 12

Emily followed her memory of Jiro’s path through Portland. Winding down streets and alleys, Feeling the bumps in space leftover from minor folds. The further they went the faster Emily felt herself travel. We’re close, she pushed to Violet, Feel anything that concerns you? Violet’s thoughts flowed back, Just the sleepers around you. Then they […]

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Zenith – Part 11

The sun shone through the grand window in the Council hall. Only two chairs were needed today. Emily sat across from Ged and studied the nervous look on his face. Emily was calm, but focused. Today wasn’t a day for training or lessons but action. “Before she got separated, Violet was working recon for the […]

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Zenith – Part 10

Emily reached out for that comfortable feeling that she often brushed against. She found it instinctively. But it wasn’t just a comfortable state of mind. It was her mind. “Violet. I– I don’t know what to say.” Violet’s soothing voice rippled from the back of Emily’s head. “Don’t worry. We’ve been talking for two months. […]

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Zenith – Part 9

“Mind-space is a bizarre place. Physics change by the second. Up is down, and left, but not right… Yet. Mathematics don’t add up. Intent permeates the skin and shakes your bones. Words have power in the physical world, but in mind-space emotion is king. “When you are in your own mind-space, everything is familiar. But […]

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