Zenith – Part 9

“Mind-space is a bizarre place. Physics change by the second. Up is down, and left, but not right… Yet. Mathematics don’t add up. Intent permeates the skin and shakes your bones. Words have power in the physical world, but in mind-space emotion is king.

“When you are in your own mind-space, everything is familiar. But when minds merge things are incomprehensibly strange. A mind mage must learn to steel themselves for the discomfort of another person’s mind.

“In this realm formed by the power of a mind one must let go of rational thought. Minds are not rational objects. Science is useful for understanding the outside world, but to understand your inside world, we must turn to art.

“Even so Mind is intrinsically bound to Space. Nothing can exist in mind-space if there is nothing in physical space. Space is boring without a Mind to create meaning. While the two can’t understand each other completely, they would be useless separated. Insurmountable distances may be rendered pointless when bridged by the power of the mind in the same way being face to face with someone can alleviate misunderstandings of the mind.

“You must develop your Mind or your Space will suffer. It is like working out; You will be much more effective and strong if you exercise both biceps and triceps rather than focusing on just one. Not only that, your mastery of Space will help you in Mind, but only if you let go of your previous notions of what space really is.”

Emily looked confused at her mentor, “I’m trying. I don’t know what you want me to do. You tell me to practice my Mind magic, but give me no outlet to do so. You send the other mages on missions, send me too.”

“Other mages have a partner. You’re the odd one out. If Violet were still here, I’d pair you up. She was always strong with Mind.”

I am here a voice said in Emily’s head.

“She is here,” stated Emily, surprised at her own words.

Ged turned around and looked at Emily, “What did you say?”

“Umm. Sh- She is here?” Emily stuttered, “I- I don’t know. It just came out.”

Ged closed his eyes and Emily felt him pushing his mind outwards. “She is,” he murmured.

I’ll help you.

“She’ll help me.” Emily’s words poured out on their own again.

Ged’s eyes popped open. “Violet. How?”

“You said it yourself, She was always strong in Mind. Mind and Space fit together.” Violet’s thoughts poured out of Emily’s mouth. Emily noticed that the words tasted sweet. The world around her flickered with comfort as she spoke them. She couldn’t believe her own mouth, but it felt so good.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had been in communication with Violet? This is important!”

“I- I didn’t know! I thought I was dreaming!” Emily was shaking. Her own words brought back the terror of an unknown in her life.

Ged took a deep breath. Emily could see his mind racing around possibilities. “With both of you we have a chance. I need to formulate some plans.” He looked at Emily and paused, “and you need to understand what is happening. Go home. Talk with Violet. Come see me tomorrow. We have some hard work ahead of us.”

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