Zenith – Part 10

Emily reached out for that comfortable feeling that she often brushed against. She found it instinctively. But it wasn’t just a comfortable state of mind. It was her mind. “Violet. I– I don’t know what to say.”

Violet’s soothing voice rippled from the back of Emily’s head. “Don’t worry. We’ve been talking for two months. I– I’ve grown quite fond of you.”

Emily sat down in the tub letting the warm water rush over her. “Oh no. I didn’t say anything embarrassing did I?” she joked, “I would have probably been more careful if I’d known it was really you.”

“Oh you know, nothing too bad,” Violet replied with a chuckle, “I mean, I do know all your habits now though.”

Emily blushed.

“Not like you could lie about anything anyway with how we talk.”

Emily felt Violet close to herself. The tub suddenly felt larger, occupied by two. Her eyes brushed open and she was alone; the room was still the same. She closed her eyes again and let herself fall deep into mind-space once more.

“I’m sure you’ve already told me and I brushed it off like a dream, but what happened?” Emily questioned back in the tub for two.

“After you left that night someone else arrived. But didn’t approach the house. Instead he,” Emily paused for a while, “he cut me off somehow. My fold has no connection to the outside world. I was working on a mission. I have a feeling we’ll be continuing that work. It attracted some negative attention.”

“From Jiro.” stated Emily.

“I assume so,” Violet put a comforting hand on Emily’s shoulder, “He is powerful, but you have me.”

Emily rested her head on Violet’s shoulder, “I feel like I know you and don’t know you Violet. I trust you, but I don’t know what I can trust you with. I guess I welcomed you deep enough into my mind that I’m not hiding anything from you,” she lifted her head, and looked into Violet’s yellow eyes, but I don’t even consciously know what you can do.”

Violet brushed Emily’s hair aside and matched her gaze, “There is a story deep in some history of magic books that talk about a set of people known as Zeniths. One person for every arcanum. These people have an incredibly powerful grasp of their magic. They come and go throughout time. No one knows when the last group was on Earth.

“Ged thinks that I am the Mind Zenith. As soon as I awoke I was able to utilize Mind at a high level. He spoke about how strange mind-space can be, but I’ve always felt at home, no matter how convoluted connections become. Ultimately I don’t know what I can do.

“You know, when I first knew I was trapped, I sought out many mages through mind-space. You were the brightest beacon I ever saw. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I was the first mage that you ever met. I don’t think it is a coincidence that I can reach you and find you as easily as I can.”

“You don’t mean…” trailed Emily.

“I think you’re the Space Zenith,” Violet stated plainly. “I don’t know what that means fully. I don’t know why this would be the case. But I –” love you “–will stick by your side and help you grow as best I can. It’s a lot to ask, but I hope you can help me too.”

Emily’s eyes were wide at the concept, “I don’t…”

Violet blushed, “oh no. I’m sorry.”

The tub split. The two women faced away from each other. Violet looked down and dropped a tear into her bathwater.

“That’s not what I meant.” a warm pair of arms wrapped around Violet from behind. “There is no one I’d rather have at my side more than you. Two months ago I thought discovering a new arrangement of prime numbers would be an exciting phenomenon to be a part of.” Emily’s face was now looking over Violet’s their eyes meeting, but everything else upside down, “you’re just telling me that I am some sort of super-mage. I mean, Magic! My whole world is crumbling around me.”

“Oh Em, I’m sorry I didn’t mea–”

“No listen. You are the most comforting person I have ever been near. I don’t know anything about Zeniths, but earlier today when you were speaking it felt good. Being with you like this feels good. My whole world has gone crazy these last few months, but you have provided a steady hand for me to hold onto, even if I didn’t know it was you. Just–” never leave me.

Violet pulled Emily down and kissed her forehead. “I won’t.”

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