Zenith – Part 11

The sun shone through the grand window in the Council hall. Only two chairs were needed today. Emily sat across from Ged and studied the nervous look on his face. Emily was calm, but focused. Today wasn’t a day for training or lessons but action.

“Before she got separated, Violet was working recon for the Society,” Ged sighed and wrung his hands on the table as he talked. “She, unlike most of the Mages in Portland, knew Jiro was here and was helping us uncover his plans. Her particular skill in Mind was necessary for this task to interrogate a variety of sleepwalkers Jiro had corrupted.” He looked to the side, “I’m now afraid that we pushed her to go too fast and that is what caught His eye. I’m sorry.” Ged’s apology was meant for two.

Don’t worry Ged,” Emily and Violet both tried to say the same thing at the same time. “I’m hoping someone can tell me who Jiro is other than a guy who can sling fireballs.”

“He’s a powerful mage,” Ged blinked and paused briefly as if he was holding something in, “and an anarchist. His goal is to tear down the council of mages. He believes that Mages have the right to control the sleepers.”

“OK, sounds evil enough, what would you like us to do?”

“First things first, He shouldn’t have the skill in Space to fully cut off Violet. I think he has some relic from the old times that he used to seal that fold. With both of you on this I think you should be able to find and infiltrate his stronghold enough to get that relic. I think with that and your skill in Space we can bring Violet home.” Ged locked eyes on Emily, “Just promise me to run at the first sight of trouble.”

“Alright, any idea what it would look like?” questioned Emily.

“The physical appearance of most magical artifacts is meaningless, but many older artifacts were enchanted to do something related to the original form. Here, let me lend you my sight.” Ged reached out his arms and Emily placed her hands on his.

Her vision blurred slightly as she felt Ged’s magic course through their physical connection. Suddenly Emily saw things she had never seen before. Ged was glowing, sparkling. In the center of the room, an ethereal fountain pulsed what Emily could only assume to be raw mana, filling the room with a purple glow.

“This is Prime sight, it will allow you to see the core of all magic. If I had more time I’d try to help you awaken your own Prime, but I’m afraid of what may happen if we wait too long.” Ged pulled his hands back and returned to fidgeting with his rings. “You have the best idea so far of where his hideout might be since you followed him that day. I’ll be awaiting you here when you find your target.”

“We’ll succeed master, don’t worry,” Emily assured him.

“Be careful.”

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