Zenith – Part 12

Emily followed her memory of Jiro’s path through Portland. Winding down streets and alleys, Feeling the bumps in space leftover from minor folds. The further they went the faster Emily felt herself travel. We’re close, she pushed to Violet, Feel anything that concerns you?

Violet’s thoughts flowed back, Just the sleepers around you.

Then they were at the corner. Emily reached her hand out and felt the space where she had last seen Jiro. There must be a trace, something to guide me. She felt Violet’s hand reassuringly touch her shoulder. Space was definitely bumpy here, like someone tried to hastily smooth out some sheets on a bed. She ran her hand over the bumps, closing her eyes and letting space itself guide her hand.

In order to follow Jiro, she needed a fold of some kind. She found bumps, but nothing seemed to form a hole. Frustrated she pulled her hand back. I can’t find it. We need another strategy.

Violet sent images of a house to Emily’s mind. Do you think you can get us here? It is the only hint I ever got from one of his sleepwalkers.

Emily studied the house. It did look familiar. It appeared to be an unassuming enough house. Pastel yellow paint, surrounded by trees. There was a covered front porch and was set into a hill in a way that the garage was actually below the house itself. A hill. Not just a hill, The shape that was visible from the image was more than just a hill. This is near Mount Tabor. I’m nearly certain.

I trust you. Let’s go.

Emily turned and headed back down the alley, running numbers in her head. I hope we have time. The train doesn’t get us straight there, and it takes some time.

It might increase danger a bit, but why not go the same way he did?

Emily paused. She hadn’t thought of that. She had avoided manipulating space in the past, focusing on seeing and traveling, not creating her own folds. She turned to look at a door facing into the alley they were in and concentrated on a door she remembered from a rarely used state building in Mount Tabor itself. She pushed her will forward and connected the two doors. Then she reached out, grabbed the handle and turned it with a click and pushed through.

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