Zenith – Part 14

Emily heard Violet’s panicked voice and knew the weight of the situation. She heard footsteps up the steps outside and turned to look at the dog lying across the room just in time to see its ears perk up and open its eyes.

We’re out of time Em. You need to leave now.

Emily blinked.

When she opened her eyes a fraction of a second later she was back in the park.

She blinked again.

This time she opened her eyes to see the alley where she first confronted Jiro.

A third blink.

Emily was standing on a bridge, the Willamette river stretched out in front of her. A bus rumbled by behind her and she looked to her right and saw the sun setting behind the city skyline. Time to disappear for a bit I think. She turned towards the sun and headed into downtown. No more magic. I need a path he has trouble following.

She travelled down the street at a brisk walk. People seemed to step out of her way and look more closely at her than she was used to. She tried to ignore them, but something felt wrong as she made her way to the Grand Hall.

Emily, you’re carrying a broadsword through downtown Portland and you have a knife in your hand. People are going to be watching you.

She looked down at her left hand wrapped around the dagger she had just pulled out of a wizard’s wall, then at the sword stuck through her belt. Ged’s gift of vision had faded but the weapons still looked impressive as objects. Guess I better hurry.

She arrived at Ged’s doorstep within minutes. Two other mages and an enforcer were waiting for her.

“Did you get it?” Ged asked.

“I– I think so?” Emily replied unasuradley. “I found three objects that resonated with me. I took them.” She carefully pulled the sword and knife out and set them on a table, followed by the bell from her bag.

“Does he know you were there yet?” asked one of the other members of the Council.

“I’m sure he does by now. He come in as we left.”

The enforcer moved his hand to his sword on his hip and the two councilors looked at each other.

“Hypatia and I will study these tools and try to figure out their purpose,” Ged’s voice was soaked in authority, “You three must try to maintain our barrier as best you can. I’m hoping he will turn away when he finds where she went, but we must stand ready.”

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