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Zenith 2.2

Their mission was simple: Investigate the Hospital at Oregon Health and Science University. Reports had come in through some of the Society’s sources that people were going missing from the hospital. Most were transients, so the police department wasn’t the fastest to respond, but something else caught the Society’s eyes. All of the victims were […]

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Zenith – 2.1

The winter sun shone down on Emily’s golden hair as she looked across the river. A light breeze created tiny ripples on the slow moving water, distorting the reflections of trees and buildings on the other side. A single duck sat in the water, paddling lazily against the current. While sunny, the waterfront was approaching […]

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Zenith 2.0

A man sat in a chair in the center of a dark room. A single light shone from a desk lamp sitting on a table nearby. His head was covered by a thick black bag and his arms were tied behind the chair’s back holding him in place. Attached to his inner arm was a […]

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